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StEpTaCuLaR ToTaLlY uNoFfIcIaL StEpS SiTe
Steps aka

Age: 24

DOB: May 8th 1976

Place of Birth: Llwyniphia in Rhondda in Wales
Don't ask how you pronounce it!! i'm not to sure!!!

Naugtiest thing at school: "There was a fish tank at school full of stuff like angel fish and tigerbarbs and I bought a terrapin and it ate all the fish!!!!!!"

First item of clothing: Pair of checked jeans with Fred Flintstone and Barny Rubble on the legs!!!!
Very tasteful!!!!!!!!

Best friend: My best friend now is Billy and I've known her for 7 years!!!!!

Hangouts from school: At the amateur theatre company

First Taste of Show biz: I've been on the stage since I was nine darhling!!!!!!!!!!

First record: Rick Astley' never gonna give you up

When i was younger: ......I wanted to be a vet

Wierdest rumour: That he was a rampant redcoat!!!!!!


Age: 24
DOB: November 5th 1975
Born in: Asaph in Wales

Naughtiest thing she did at school: Read out a private note to the whole of the class to see what had happened to a boy who had been sent out of class

first item of clothing: Jeans!

Best friend?: A girl called Louise Jones who came to the steps auditions with her

used to hang out at...Rhuddlan Castle in Wales

First taste of showbiz: Dancing comps when she was 7

First record bought: Billy Joels uptown girl!

Wierdest rumour: That her and H were an item! (i hope not!)

The very gorgeous H!

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Age: 22
DOB: 17th August 1977
Born in: Hillingdon, Middlesex

Naughtiest thing she did at school: sneaked out of school at dinner to the chippy! (oh your sooo naughty Claire! :o)

First item of clothing bought: Really baggy pair of jeans! (oh sooo glamourus!)

Best friend?: Different all the time!

I used to hang out at...Tennis courts at Brunel University

First taste of showbiz: when she got the lead part in The sound of music

First record: into the groove by madonna

Wierdest rumour: she goes out with lee!


Age: 25
DOB: 28th January 1975
Born in: Chester

Naughtiest thing he did at school: breaking a window

first item of clothing: Jeans with patches on

Best friend?: simon grisdale

I used to hang out...Football field

First record bought: Karma chameleon by culture club

Wierdest rumour: That he was leaving steps to go solo! (noooooo)


Age: 24
DOB: 14th November 1975
Born in: Northampton

Naughtiest thing she did at school: Climbing inside the cubicle walls in the toilets! (mmmkay!)

Best friend?: Jenny Swain---Lisa Valentine

First taste of showbiz: Sang a michael jackson song to a bunny rabbit on stage! (mmmkay again!)

First record: something dodgy probably!

first item of clothing: Jeans! (what a surprise!)

Wierdest rumour: That i once re-enacted a scene with clay from ghost! and i was dating a belgium rock star! (are u feeling allright?)

Send me an email with any suggestions, comments or critisisms i value your views!